Baby Maya's Liver Transplant Silent Auction

A childhood friend's baby is in need of a liver transplant and I'm donating one 16"x20" print to help with their medical costs.  

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My daughter Maya was diagnosed on 1/21/15 with a rare disease known as Biliary Atresia. She has the rare form of Biliary Atresia therefore she also has a VSD hole in her heart and Heterotaxy Syndrome, a duodenal web, and malrotation of her intestines. On January 23rd she had a procedure known as a Kasai to attach her liver to her small intestine, she also had her gallbladder and appendix removed and the malrotation of her intestins corrected. Unfortunately the procedure failed and two back to back episodes of Cholangitis made her an immediate candidate for a liver transplant. She has unfortunately been very sick with pneumonia and a collapsed lung and several other issues making her to sick to be on the transplant list. However she is starting to slowly get past the pneumonia and may be be back on the transplant list next week. We are blessed that her insurance will cover medical expenses, however, the situation has evolved so that I am raising her as a single mom and have been unable to work throughout this. I am trying to raise funds to cover unexpected expenses and to assist with our living expenses post transplant. I appreciate all the help we have received so far and I am incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers.
— Fran Oliver

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