Once while strolling through Asheville, NC, a dazed young guy stopped in front  of my wife and I and said "Dandelions are the fairest of all flowers" - then he went back on his way down the sidewalk. Obviously, we were a bit alarmed for this guys sanity and sobriety, but laughed it off. Chalk that one up to Asheville - which is full of dreamers and wanderers. Bless 'em all. 

This shot was taken with a Canon 5D mkIII, Canon FD 50mm Macro lens with life-size adapter. f/8 1/30 of a second and ISO 1600. I'm pretty much right on top of this thing as I was snapping away. 

Stop and take notice of the little things that make up this world around us.  You'll never know what will enchant you.